Robo Battle Pets now available!

I did the cover art for this new book, Robo Battle Pets. You can now order it from amazon.com. The author is a great guy and I want to spread the word about the book. It's only $6.99!

Check out RBP here!!!!!!


LEGO City Heroes! cover art

Amazon.com recently posted a cover shot for a book I illustrated earlier this year. The interior is illustrated in a comic book style, but the cover is illustrated in a digital "airbrush" style. Scholastic usually uses stock photography for the LEGO book covers so I feel privileged to do a fully illustrated cover. Thanks Scholastic!

check out the book here...
Heroes! at Amazon.com


Please sign up to get my newsletter

Hi Everyone. I use to send out a newsletter every now and then but I stopped a couple of years ago when my PC died. I am trying to start up the newsletter again. Please subscribe if you are interested! You can subscribe by using the form on the top, right side of this blog or by following the link below...

Subscribe to the Mecha Zone newsletter

The newsletter will contain info and updates relating to my mecha designs and freelance works. The first new newsletter will go out soon (probably sometime next week). In the past, I only sent out about 3 newsletters a year.

Thank you for your interest and support :)


Meet me tomorrow for a book signing in Chicopee!

Come to my book signing tomorrow at the Art Studio in Chicopee, MA

Hi Everyone. Sorry for the last minute notice, but I'm doing a book signing at my friend Ellen's place, the Art Studio, tomorrow at 2 'o clock!

I'll be doing a drawing demonstration and selling books for $25 (signatures in the book for free) Bring the kids and have some fun :)...

See the link for location info... ART STUDIO GOOGLE MAPS


See you at New York Anime Fest and Comic Con!

Just in case you missed my other posts about this, I will be in artist alley at this weekends New York Anime Fest and Comic Con. Both cons are at the same time and place and one pass gets you into both. Unfortunately, the anime fest artist alley is separate from the comic con artist alley and is downstairs with the anime events. I hope people actually come down there! I'm spending a lot of money on this trip :(

I'll have MZ2 art books for sale as well as some Battletech prints and some Transformer prints. I may or may not be doing sketches. It will depend on how busy I am.

My table number is NYAFd-7

links to con info...
Anime Fest http://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/en/NYAF/
Comic Con http://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/

These are just some of the prints I will have for sale...

Batman and Batmobile mecha by *Mecha-Master on deviantART

Battletech: Firefly by *Mecha-Master on deviantART

Optimus Prime re-design by *Mecha-Master on deviantART

See you there!!!


You could win this drawing!!!

Most of you know by now that I have a new art book coming out very soon (just a few more weeks!!!). I have decided to start promoting the book release as much as possible. My first step is to have a pre-order contest where one lucky person will win an original drawing I made for the book!

Here's the book cover along with some additional details...
Drawings > Sci-Fi">

So how do you enter? Simple; you just pre-order one of my books from here... [link] and you are in. All past pre-orders will be automatically entered. There are some rules...

- Rule 1: If you order more than one book, then your name will be entered once for each book. If you order 3 books then you have 3 chances to win.
- Rule 2: Pre-orders end when I get the books from the printer. I don't know when that is yet, but It will be at least a couple of weeks from today. (August 25th, 2010)

A winner will be drawn at random, old school style, by placing all the names in a box and having a third party draw out a name. The drawing will then be mailed to the winner along with their book

:trophy: this original pencil drawing is the prize...
Drawings > Sci-Fi">

Here's a video of the book proofs. Watch as I flip through the book and catch a glimpse of the mecha goodness inside!

Good luck to everyone and please tell all your friends about the book! THANKS!!!


Mecha Zone 2 art book proofs (video)

Check out this little video I shot this morning. I thought it would be cool to record the proofs before I stuffed them in a box and shipped them back to the printer in Texas.

Video hosting courtesy of facebook. You can also follow my Mecha Zone fan page on facebook...

Mecha Zone on facebook

It should take about 3 weeks to manufacture the books and then a little while for shipping. They're almost done!!!




I have a piece of art in this upcoming Voltron tribute book :) The book should be out around December. My contribution is a revamped lion Voltron and I am really proud of how it turned out. I was asked to do another piece for the Dairugger 15 aka vehicle Voltron but I just didn't have time :( I was really bummed about that!


Mecha Zone Art 2 Cover Preview

I finally finished the main mecha for the book. It is on the cover and is also the focus of the step-by-step tutorial in the book! You can now pre-order the book directly from my web site, The Mecha ZonePlease see the image for details about the book or visit my web site www.mechazone.com

Feel free to send this image to all your friends!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your support :)


Super Shogun Stormtrooper

JUST received my Super Shogun Stormtrooper from Super7. I paid out the nose for this but it is totally freaking sweet! Should look awesome next to the rest of the gang :)

-Fist shoots!
-Hand held blaster!!
-No batteries required!!!

24" of Shogun Warrior awesomeness. Also known as Jumbo Machinder... this thing is 2 feet of butt-kicking coolness.


Art books are here!

Pre-orders are now closed. The book is in stock and ready to ship. Please go to www.mechazone.com for details and to order. Thanks!


BIG NEWS: Details about my new art book!

I am proud to finally announce the specifics of my new Mecha Zone art book.

- The book will be printed in the USA by Taylor Specialty Books using offset printing.
- The book will be HARDCOVER! Yay!!!
- The book will have 112 pages. I had to add more pages for all the tutorials.
- The book will sell for $25.00 USD.
- There will be at least 25 unique mecha designs. Some made just for the book.
- I will ship the book to anywhere in the world as long as you will pay the cost.
- I will offer bulk order discounts.
- Ship date for the book is October.

Pre-orders for the book will start as soon as I can get some shipping costs for popular locations such as London and Germany. Orders in the US should ship for a very reasonable $5.

This is costing me many thousands of dollars from my pocket... pre-orders would be greatly appreciated to help stem my money loss. In other words, Please tell all your friends when the time comes.

I am very open to ideas on getting the books to places such as Germany by more economical means. If you know someone who may be interested in repping my book then please have them contact me. This would include comic and book store owners, etc... (the book will have an ISBN and barcode)

If you intend to order the book and live someplace outside of the USA, then please feel free to comment with your location and I will try to get the shipping cost. Any other comments and suggestions are also welcome.

Many thanks for all of your continuing support. You guys and gals are GREAT!

Here's a sample of one of the mechs...

Cobra Osprey V22 and Baroness by *Mecha-Master on deviantART


2 Newest Hot Wheels Books Arrived!

Hi Everyone. I just got in a shipment of books :) This time I received ...

- Hot Wheels: Volcano Blast
- Hot Wheels: Cave Race
You can order these books from me for $5.00 each along with these other books ...

- Hot Wheels: Stunt Show
- Hot Wheels: Monster Trucks
- Hot Wheels: Wild Rides
- Hot Wheels: Drag Race
- Hot Wheels: Race the World

Shipping in the US is $2 for one book or $5 for 2-5 books (whatever will fit into the priority mail envelope). Shipping to Canada is usually about $7.

* To order, add up the cost of all the books plus the applicable shipping, then send your payment and information directly from PayPal. See info below...

I accept PayPal at this e-mail address dwhite@mechazone.com

Be sure to include a list of what books you want and a mailing address when you send payment by PayPal. (Log in to your PayPal account and click the "Send Money" tab)


I am not a reseller- I am the illustrator so quantities are limited. I will happily sign the books upon request.


New Mecha Art Book Coming 2010!

Hi everyone! I am excited to announce that I will be publishing a new art book this year. The book will feature dozens of mecha designs that I have created over the last 3 years as well as new designs and some awesome tutorials about conceiving and drawing giant robots.

Here are some basic specs...
- the book will be full color!
- size will be either 8 x 10 or 8.5 x 11
- 96 pages
- probably hard cover, but I'm waiting for a few printing quotes before I decide
- price will probably be $24.95

There are many hurdles to publishing a book, no matter how small the print run or insignificant the book. I have been doing my research and gathering price quotes so I will know exactly how big the book will be (size and pages) and exactly how much money is needed. My wife is my partner in all things so before I could 100% commit to doing this book I had to make sure she was on board. This weekend I got her blessing to proceed! The main issue was the money... as a freelancer I never know for sure when I will get paid next so My wife and I have to be very careful with our finances and this book is going to cost us thousands of dollars.

I will have the book printed in China and shipped over to the USA. The pricing was about 40% less on average from Chinese printers compared to American printers. I really wanted to keep the printing in the USA to help with the recession but that equates to thousands of dollars more for the printing and I simply couldn't afford to do the project if I had to use a domestic printer. I am both happy and sad about this.

So, I have about 6 weeks to finish the book and get it to the printer if I want to have the final product in hand for the New York Anime Con this October. I have started the layout using Adobe InDesign. I have never used InDesign before so I pot a subscription to Lynda.com and have watched about 8 hours of tutorial videos and they have been essential to my progress. Thanks to those tutorials I am really making a quality book layout and I am confident that this book is going to be AWESOME!

I have the extremely good fortune of working with kind and generous people who are willing to let me fill the book with designs I created for them. I am still awaiting permission from two of my clients , but 3 clients have already said yes. I have a bunch of mechs to use... so many that they won't all fit in the book along with the tutorials. I'll also be drawing several new mechs to keep it fresh! Since I only have 6 weeks I really need to get my butt in gear!

I will set up a pre-order system once the book is ready for the printers. I don't want to jump the gun in case anything goes wrong. Pre-orders will help with the initial financial burden and your support is appreciated.

If you are interested in distributing the book in your area (comic stores, gaming stores, etc...) then please contact me. Discounts are available for bulk purchases. All countries welcome.

Things are about to get crazy as I rush to meet the printing deadline. Please wish me luck!


Mecha Zone art book for sale

Hi everyone. I recently found a copy of my 2004 Mecha Zone art book in my archives and I'm selling it on eBay.

This is the wraparound cover

The book is in perfect shape. I'm starting the bid at $15, which I think is pretty low considering I only printed 250 of them and they all sold out years ago. More details about the book are in the auction item description.

:star: I will ship internationally! Shipping will be determined after I know where it's going.

please check out the auction (and tell all your friends!)

Go to the eBay Auction...


BATTLETECH Historical: Operation Klondike

I did some art for Catalyst Games not too long ago. I thought it would be a long time before it would see the light of day, but SURPRISE the PDF version of Operation Klondike is now available to download! You can also pre-order the printed version.
(I did NOT do this cover- my art is all inside starting on page 161)

I was so curious to see it that I immediately bought the PDF and I am very pleased with the how it turned out! I drew 8 mechs for it. You can check them out starting on page 161 of the book.

Get it here for a worthy $18.00... Operation Klondike PDF

I had a lot of fun drawing the mechs and the art director, Brent, is a really great guy too.

Be sure to let me know what you think... unless it's bad ;)


Batmobile Mecha Print!

I did this cool piece about a week ago. It is the tumbler from the newer batman movies, but transformed into a mecha. Hope you like it!

I have a few high quality 13x19 prints available if anyone is interested. They are $30 plus $5 to defer the cost of packing and shipping. The prints are on premium glossy paper and look SUPER SWEET.

Click the "buy now" button to get one :)