LEGO Exo-Force Wallpaper: Humans!

Here's another Exo-Force wallpaper made using art from the Scholastic Exo-Force Collector's Guide. Note that the Sensei image (central character) is an alternate version not used in the book. I like the second version (used in the book) better since it looks more like the character should, but I thought it would be cool to show you something you haven't seen before. The background scenery was done by another artist but unfortunately I don't know who.
1600 x 1200


Video test

This is just a test to see if I can upload video from my camera to my blog. So far so good. Watch me draw an anime eye...

I captured this on my Sony Cybershot and held the camera in my right hand while I drew. Sorry it looks so shaky and out of focus :/ I'll have to find a better process. Didn't need to convert it or anything since Blogger did it automatically! The quality really went down from the compression Blogger utilized but it's still not too bad. I have to give kudos to the blogger team for making it so easy!!!


LEGO Indiana Jones wallpaper

Super busy right now but I managed to make this wallpaper for Lego Indiana Jones. Art is from the last LEGO Club comic I did. Hope you like it!1600 x 1200