Mecha Zone art book for sale

Hi everyone. I recently found a copy of my 2004 Mecha Zone art book in my archives and I'm selling it on eBay.

This is the wraparound cover

The book is in perfect shape. I'm starting the bid at $15, which I think is pretty low considering I only printed 250 of them and they all sold out years ago. More details about the book are in the auction item description.

:star: I will ship internationally! Shipping will be determined after I know where it's going.

please check out the auction (and tell all your friends!)

Go to the eBay Auction...


BATTLETECH Historical: Operation Klondike

I did some art for Catalyst Games not too long ago. I thought it would be a long time before it would see the light of day, but SURPRISE the PDF version of Operation Klondike is now available to download! You can also pre-order the printed version.
(I did NOT do this cover- my art is all inside starting on page 161)

I was so curious to see it that I immediately bought the PDF and I am very pleased with the how it turned out! I drew 8 mechs for it. You can check them out starting on page 161 of the book.

Get it here for a worthy $18.00... Operation Klondike PDF

I had a lot of fun drawing the mechs and the art director, Brent, is a really great guy too.

Be sure to let me know what you think... unless it's bad ;)