Lego Power Miners Comic #1

I remember the first time I saw some prototype shots of Power Miners while I was out at LEGO taking reference photos for another job. I loved the colors and designs immediately! I was so psyched when they asked me to create some comics for them. This is the first story of 2 so far. The second story should be out in the March comic.

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The first page may be unfamiliar to anyone that only gets the free version of LEGO Club Magazine because it is a Brickmaster exclusive page. Just one more reason to pay for the full Brickmaster experience!

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My wife and I are both fascinated by crystals and minerals and we have a beautiful collection of specimens. The little rock monsters were an instant hit with me and I enjoy drawing them quite a bit. I love coloring translucent and shiny things!


Gleaming Scythe Mecha

I had the honor of working with Gleaming Scythe Publications over the last 2 years and managed to create quite a few mecha designs for them.

Gleaming Scythe Publications Link

I was looking around deviantART.com the other day and happened upon a mecha illustration that looked oddly familiar. I couldn't quite figure out what it was... then I suddenly realized that I had designed the mecha featured in the illustration! It turns out that the artist had been hired by Gleaming Scythe to create the illustration for an upcoming book!
Good news- the illustration looks great! Click below to see the image on deviantART where you can also check out other works by the same group of artists at Robekka Art Studio, a Chinese based illustration firm.

EXETER mech image by Robekka on deviantART.com

The actual Robekka web site seems to be down or some reason.

Oh, and here is the original Exeter front view the Robekka image is referencing...


LEGO Star Wars: Clone Wars #1

If you subscribe to the LEGO club magazine then you have probably already seen this, but I know there are a lot of people who like to see the comic without all the word balloons. The original layouts for this comic were drawn by Greg Hyland. I did everything for the second comic but there was too much of a time constraint for the first one so Greg had to get the layouts done before I was even on the project.

The scripts for the Clone Wars comics have a lot more action and panels than the regular LEGO comic and so they take A LOT longer to draw and color. I would say they need about 5 extra hours of time per page than the noorm. Ughhh! Well, I shouldn't complain because they are still fun to do!!!

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The next comic has lightsabers!


New Mecha Designs Part 2

Here are two more new mecha designs for you to check out. These are the medium and heavy class mechs that go with the light mech from the last post. I always try to use some common themes for mechs from the same faction as can be seen in the leg designs and layered armor.
Drawing these really made me wish I had more spare time so I could make some mechs for myself!!!!