2 Newest Hot Wheels Books Arrived!

Hi Everyone. I just got in a shipment of books :) This time I received ...

- Hot Wheels: Volcano Blast
- Hot Wheels: Cave Race
You can order these books from me for $5.00 each along with these other books ...

- Hot Wheels: Stunt Show
- Hot Wheels: Monster Trucks
- Hot Wheels: Wild Rides
- Hot Wheels: Drag Race
- Hot Wheels: Race the World

Shipping in the US is $2 for one book or $5 for 2-5 books (whatever will fit into the priority mail envelope). Shipping to Canada is usually about $7.

* To order, add up the cost of all the books plus the applicable shipping, then send your payment and information directly from PayPal. See info below...

I accept PayPal at this e-mail address dwhite@mechazone.com

Be sure to include a list of what books you want and a mailing address when you send payment by PayPal. (Log in to your PayPal account and click the "Send Money" tab)


I am not a reseller- I am the illustrator so quantities are limited. I will happily sign the books upon request.

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Anonymous said...

David, I love what these books!!! I will be ordering some soon

Carrie Miskimen-Blackford