Rezolution Miniatures Game Illustrations

When I am not working on Lego projects I do smaller jobs to fill the void. One such job was some black and white illustrations for a miniatures game called Rezolution by Aberrant Games. I didn't even know the book was out until I decided to check the publishers website a few weeks ago. I ordered a copy of the book somewhere online so I could check it out.

The art I did was for the second book, Outbreak. Not all of the work I did seems to have made it into the book. I dunno, maybe they will use it in the next one? I didn't get a credit in the book either but maybe I told them not to give me one. I sometimes do that and I honestly can't remember if that is the case or not.

Here's the cover (not my art)
Here's a piece of mine from the interior. I did some fun motorcycle stuff too but only one of those made it in :(Here's a link to the publishers web site in case you are curious... Aberrant Games

These sort of jobs are how I got my start as a freelancer. I used to do a bunch or art for the role playing game Feng Shui by Atlas Games, but that was a long time ago.


Lego Mars Mission Wallpaper #3

Just a quick update today. I made this wallpaper from the second Mars Mission comic for Lego Magazine. I might post again later this week if I have anything of interest to post.

One note- be careful if you read my comments- even though there aren't many of them I have received two spam posts that led to virus protection ads and I suspect they might have actually been trojans if you downloaded anything from the links. This is a Blogger problem, not just an issue on my blog so be careful no matter where you are on Blogger! I deleted the two posts and will keep an eye out for more.


Scholastic Hot Wheels Readers!!!

WOW! I finally got sample books for some of my more recent Scholastic work. I haven't mentioned doing the Hot Wheels books here on the blog because I didn't have anything to show for it. I haven't been able to find any info about the books on the web, probably because you can only get the books through Scholastic's school program. The cars on the covers were illustrated by Hot Wheels/Mattel - I don't know exactly who did them, but they look awesome.
Readers 2 and 3 were done in cooperation with another Illustrator, Ed Wisinski, so the art isn't 100% my style. They still look good though ;) Reader 3 is 100% in Ed's style- he had already done some of the finals so I had to mimic his style. I don't know why he didn't finish the book- I wasn't given any details and I didn't ask.

Here are the titles and ISBN numbers if you want to look them up...

  • Hot Wheels reader #1 Start Your Engines
    • 978-0-545-02017-6
  • Hot Wheels reader #2 To the Extreme
    • 978-0-545-02019-0
  • Hot Wheels reader #3 Off-Roading
    • 978-0-545-02018-3
  • Hot Wheels reader #4 Street Heat
    • 978-0-545-02020-6
These books are 6" x 9" and 30 pages long so they were a lot of work. Here are a couple of pics...

Interior art for reader #1
Interior art for reader #4


LEGO Indiana Jones comic #1

OK! Here's the clean art for the 2 page Lego Indiana Jones comic I did a couple of months ago for Lego Magazine. This particular comic was initially created for the "School" version of the magazine so there are lots of animals that have educational importance and Indy comments on each of them in the text so kids learn a little something while watching Indy run around.

I'm working on another one of these right now and having fun. I'm also eagerly awaiting the movie, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! (click to see the trailer)

Images removed by me. Sorry.


Lego Exo-Force wallpaper

Here's a wallpaper image I made by using a stock image of Sentai Mountain (mountain art by Lego) and a couple of illustrations I did for the Lego Magazine.

The two mechs are combo models made by combining parts from the good guys for the "Sky Titan" and parts from the bad guys for the "Iron Crusher".

I have this particular image printed out at 13" x 19" and hanging in my office hallway.