20% off my books and art until 12/19!

20% SALE!!!!! Use this code to get 20% off anything in my Mecha Zone store. Includes, mecha art books and original Battletech artwork from recent Catalyst publications. Seriously, this is a great event. Spread the word! Sale ends December 19th at 12:00AM.




Print release party and book sale!

Hi Everyone, happy holidays!

Please join me this Friday at the FOE sub-culture art gallery in Norhtampton, MA. We will be celebrating the release of their second original, limited edition, letterpress print with art by yours-truly :) AND my art books will be discounted if you buy them with the letterpress print!

The event is from 5:00 to 8:00. Here's the facebook event page...

"FOE is excited to launch the second in their letterpress series with the Winter release by Easthampton Mecha Artist David White. White will be in the shop December 9 from 5-8pm signing copies of his books, Mechazone 1.5 & Mechazone 2. If you like robots and precision illustration you're going to love the detailed work of White."

Here's the print...


My new art book in stock! Just in time for Christmas :)

Do you know someone who loves robots? Then please check out my new art book, which is full of original robot drawings and sketches. This book is great for all ages and is very durable.

96 pages of full-color robot glory in a hardbound format for only $19.99!!!!

Book details and ordering info are all available from my online store

I premiered the book at October's New York Comic Con, selling almost 70 copies to men, women, and children of all ages. It was a hit!

One happy customer recently wrote to me...
"Dear David, I recently gave your book to my grandson for his birthday. He also got a dog at the same time. He carries around the book, quoting facts about the robots inside, more than he plays with the dog! We can't believe how much he loves your book!!! (Leslie)"

Another customer said on facebook...
"Just received my Mecha Zone book pack. My kids went ape. Good thing I got Mecha Zone 1.5 *and* 2 (Eric)"

Here is my table from the NY Comic Con and Anime fest 2011


Only 4 days left to help with my book!!!

Hi! I am excited that my Mecha Zone 1.5 "Robots Remastered" book fundraising event will be ending this Friday. THANK YOU to the 49 friends and fans so far who have pledged to help.

Here's the project web page... http://kck.st/k6uYAE

You only have 4 days left if you are considering making a donation. It's easy to do and don't forget that you can choose from a list of rewards so you get something in return. Just $25 gets you a copy of the book and a limited edition print.

Why did I do this? My original plan was to make a 64 page book, with only 16 pages in color and the rest in black and white. The additional funding from this project has allowed me to make the whole book color and ADD 32 MORE PAGES! That's 96 pages of full-color mecha cool-ness :D

I have set a new goal of $5000, which would cover more of the printing costs. I lose some of the money because Kickstarter takes a percentage, and I have to pay taxes on it too, and it costs a lot of money to package and mail all the rewards. :( I only need $788 dollars more to meet this goal. WOW! I really am blessed to have such great friends around the world. I owe it to everyone who helped spread the word.

Please continue to forward the project link and spread the word. I appreciate everyone's help!

David A White
Freelance Illustrator
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Please help fund my next book!

Hello friends everywhere! I need your help to bring my new book, "Robots Remastered", to life!


2) Spread the word!

I am asking for donations to help cover printing costs. I hate to ask for money but I really want to make this project happen and I only need $3,000.00 to finish funding the book. That's about half of the total cost. If I can get 120 people to donate $25 then that would do it!

PLEASE visit the fundraising page for all the details and a video of me explaining the project...

Mecha Zone project at Kickstarter.com

Every dollar helps! Kickstarter.com securely accepts donations starting at $1. There are rewards for donations depending on the amount. A donation of $25 or more gets you a signed copy of the final book and a limited edition print. The more you donate, the more you get.

The fundraiser, hosted by Kickstarter.com, lasts for 30 days and is ALL OR NOTHING. You don't get any of the pledged money unless you completely meet your goal. So $2999.00 = $0.00 :( Be sure to help me meet the goal by spreading the word about this project and encouraging people to donate. I'm sure there are a lot of robot enthusiasts out there who would love a copy of this book!

I appreciate all of your help and consideration! Even if you can't make a donation, be sure to forward this event to everyone you know. You never can tell who might want a book loaded with awesome robots for their kids or themselves :)



Come meet me this weekend in Northampton, MA!

In case you haven't heard, there is a new artist convention in Northampton, MA this Saturday. It's called the Paint and Pixel Festival. There will be a bunch of extremely talented childrens book illustrators, comic artists, and even some animators! I'll be there too :D

The show is from 10-5, downtown Northampton and admission is only $4 for adults and $2 for kids 6-12. There will be some events and the artists will be selling their goods. Here's the web page so you can check out the guests and details.


My dear friend Peggy came up with the idea and has organized everything. We could really use some press so please, PLEASE pass this around to everyone!!! It would be great if the show did well so we could justify holding it again next year.

Thanks and I'll see you Saturday :)


BigBadToyStore.com is selling my book!


Big Bad Toy Store is a major player in the online toy sales market and they have agreed to sell my art book, Mecha Zone 2. Right now they have it available for "pre-order" so they can get a good idea of how many to buy from me. Unfortunately it never made it to their front page as a featured pre-order but hopefully they will still sell at least a few.

They have it for a discounted price of $22.99. Please check out the link. Maybe you'll find something you like? Maybe you'll order my book? That would be awesome!


My Battletech ORIGINAL ARTWORK for sale on eBay!!!

Hey everyone, please head over to my eBay account and check out my auctions. I rarely sell my original art so this is your chance if you have ever wanted to add some official Battletech art to your collection!

Right now there are 5 mechs and 2 vehicles for sale. The prices are still very reasonable. If these auctions go well, then I will list some more stuff. The auctions end Friday and Saturday so don't delay :D

here's a link to the auctions... Mecha-Master auctions on eBay


My art book on sale- this weekend only!

I decided to host a sale for the whole weekend. It started about 5 minutes ago :D

Also, I have listed my upcoming book, Mecha Zone 1.5 (Robots Remastered) for pre-order. You can check out the details at the link below.

:star: The sale is here... MECHA ZONE 2 SALE

- free shipping in the USA; $5.00 (1/2 off) to Canada
- Mecha Zone 2 art book
- a cool 18 x 24 poster (folded)
- a metal miniature of the robot on the poster

all for only $24.99, which is a $15 savings!

The sale is limited to 36 copies because that is how many miniatures I have.

Please pass this along!!!!!

Can anyone post this to some Battletech forums, etc...? That would be awesome. I always feel like a jerk when I do it myself.