Last studio pics... I promise!

I know I have already made 2 posts about my new studio, but I have just been too excited about it not to share. I promise this will be the last post about the new place (yeah right!).

I finally got all of my furniture and pretty much everything is set up just the way I want it. There are a few shelves and pictures left to hang but that is trivial in the big picture.

My drawing desk

the "meeting room"

The "lounge"
Everybody seems to like my window treatments and so do I. They are panel curtains from Ikea, possibly the best furniture store ever. Too bad the closest Ikea is an hour and a half away. I had to make 2 trips to get everything.


LEGO Indiana Jones November Comic!

Hi Everyone! I finally seem to be settled into my new place and my workload has also settled into something a bit more manageable. It has been difficult to find something to post about lately since most of my recent work hasn't been printed yet. I got the latest issue of LEGO Club Magazine the other day and it had this Indiana Jones comic inside. I think it turned out pretty well and looks even better with the SFX, which were done very well by the LEGO staff.

This first page was not printed in all versions. I think the European markets may not have gotten it. They got an alternate version of page 2 with the first panel from page one.

Images removed by me. Sorry.

I was actually given the cutter set as reference which really helped a lot. I usually have to work from photos and it is often hard to make out all the details or forms. I have the same problem when I do the Hot Wheels books where the only reference I have for some cars is a side view my AD (art director) is able to dig up on the net. I think it is a universal problem in this biz and I suspect that my ADs are just as frustrated about it as I am.

We'll, there's a lot more I would like to show but it'll have to wait until something goes to print!