Mecha design contest on deviantART!

Hi Everyone, sorry there hasn't been much news to post lately, It was getting pretty boring around here so I decided to host a competition over at deviantART.com where I have a mecha gallery.

The idea of this contest is to take rejected concept artwork from Microsoft’s MechWarrior 4 games, which were drawn by me, and mix them into new and cool mecha

Sound like fun? You bet it does! Please visit my DA account for all the information and rules. The contest is active now and ends at midnight, Nov 29th.

Link to my deviantART account...

And here is a sample image I made to help everyone understand what the contest is all about...
This took me about 45 minutes to make using Photoshop.

- The thighs and hip parts were drawn from scratch
- The chest is one of the hunchback torsos turned upside down
- The legs are from a couple of Arctic wolf legs mashed together with a Zeus toe on the end
- lots of other parts were used too... stuff from the Highlander, Zeus, and Gladiator.

Mecha Specs...
Name: Sanguinox
Tonnage: 60
Weapons: Lots and really powerful too!