BIG NEWS: Details about my new art book!

I am proud to finally announce the specifics of my new Mecha Zone art book.

- The book will be printed in the USA by Taylor Specialty Books using offset printing.
- The book will be HARDCOVER! Yay!!!
- The book will have 112 pages. I had to add more pages for all the tutorials.
- The book will sell for $25.00 USD.
- There will be at least 25 unique mecha designs. Some made just for the book.
- I will ship the book to anywhere in the world as long as you will pay the cost.
- I will offer bulk order discounts.
- Ship date for the book is October.

Pre-orders for the book will start as soon as I can get some shipping costs for popular locations such as London and Germany. Orders in the US should ship for a very reasonable $5.

This is costing me many thousands of dollars from my pocket... pre-orders would be greatly appreciated to help stem my money loss. In other words, Please tell all your friends when the time comes.

I am very open to ideas on getting the books to places such as Germany by more economical means. If you know someone who may be interested in repping my book then please have them contact me. This would include comic and book store owners, etc... (the book will have an ISBN and barcode)

If you intend to order the book and live someplace outside of the USA, then please feel free to comment with your location and I will try to get the shipping cost. Any other comments and suggestions are also welcome.

Many thanks for all of your continuing support. You guys and gals are GREAT!

Here's a sample of one of the mechs...

Cobra Osprey V22 and Baroness by *Mecha-Master on deviantART


Michael Dooney said...

Good luck with this Dave. One thing that you might want to consider to defer some of the costs is to offer a limited number of the books with an original mecha head sketch/signature for more $.

Mike Kanoy said...

thinking of ordering from Manila, philippines...south east asia

how much would shipping cost per book??

David White Illustration said...

Hi Mike. Sorry but there isn't a way toi directly respond to a comment so my only option is to leave another comment and hope you see it...

Shipping to any country outside of the USA is..
1 book $13.00
2-4 books $43.00

You can see all the detail in the official pre-order post here...