Karate chop my head :/

Wow-e-wow, what a month! My wife and I finally bought a home and moved in last month and I also had to move my office to a new location in town last week. I am completely exhausted from all of the painting and prep work we did to have wood floors installed.

My hands are so sore that they feel swollen and keep cramping while I draw. Hopefully this will pass soon! I was having trouble completing a drawing for LEGO last night because I could barely hold the pencil. Lots more work to do today so no rest for the weary.

So why "Karate chop my head"? Imagine my surprise when I found out there is a karate studio directly over my office!!! They start making A LOT of noise around 4:30 a
nd since I usually work until 6 it can be very infuriating. Yesterday they decided to have class outside and were standing RIGHT in front of my window and breaking boards. SERIOUSLY!!!! They could see me giving them the evil eye but apparently didn't care.

Today there is a carpenter in the room next to me and he is sawing and hammering like a mad man. I know it is his job, but I could use some quite.


OK, sorry for the complaining. I just had to get that off my chest.

My e-mail, phone, and PO Box are all still the same despite my new physical address so you should not have any trouble contacting me by the regular means. Oh wait, my cell phone reception is even worse now than at my last office... so good luck.

Here's a photo... I need to rearrange everything to make better use of the space. I also need to get my pictures up on the wall as well as some cork strips over my drawing table so I can tack up reference. I would like to get all new furniture so maybe an Ikea run is in my near future?I still have a book shelf I need to squeeze in here as well as some mecha toys!