You could win this drawing!!!

Most of you know by now that I have a new art book coming out very soon (just a few more weeks!!!). I have decided to start promoting the book release as much as possible. My first step is to have a pre-order contest where one lucky person will win an original drawing I made for the book!

Here's the book cover along with some additional details...
Drawings > Sci-Fi">

So how do you enter? Simple; you just pre-order one of my books from here... [link] and you are in. All past pre-orders will be automatically entered. There are some rules...

- Rule 1: If you order more than one book, then your name will be entered once for each book. If you order 3 books then you have 3 chances to win.
- Rule 2: Pre-orders end when I get the books from the printer. I don't know when that is yet, but It will be at least a couple of weeks from today. (August 25th, 2010)

A winner will be drawn at random, old school style, by placing all the names in a box and having a third party draw out a name. The drawing will then be mailed to the winner along with their book

:trophy: this original pencil drawing is the prize...
Drawings > Sci-Fi">

Here's a video of the book proofs. Watch as I flip through the book and catch a glimpse of the mecha goodness inside!

Good luck to everyone and please tell all your friends about the book! THANKS!!!


Mecha Zone 2 art book proofs (video)

Check out this little video I shot this morning. I thought it would be cool to record the proofs before I stuffed them in a box and shipped them back to the printer in Texas.

Video hosting courtesy of facebook. You can also follow my Mecha Zone fan page on facebook...

Mecha Zone on facebook

It should take about 3 weeks to manufacture the books and then a little while for shipping. They're almost done!!!




I have a piece of art in this upcoming Voltron tribute book :) The book should be out around December. My contribution is a revamped lion Voltron and I am really proud of how it turned out. I was asked to do another piece for the Dairugger 15 aka vehicle Voltron but I just didn't have time :( I was really bummed about that!