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Hi Everyone. I use to send out a newsletter every now and then but I stopped a couple of years ago when my PC died. I am trying to start up the newsletter again. Please subscribe if you are interested! You can subscribe by using the form on the top, right side of this blog or by following the link below...

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The newsletter will contain info and updates relating to my mecha designs and freelance works. The first new newsletter will go out soon (probably sometime next week). In the past, I only sent out about 3 newsletters a year.

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Meet me tomorrow for a book signing in Chicopee!

Come to my book signing tomorrow at the Art Studio in Chicopee, MA

Hi Everyone. Sorry for the last minute notice, but I'm doing a book signing at my friend Ellen's place, the Art Studio, tomorrow at 2 'o clock!

I'll be doing a drawing demonstration and selling books for $25 (signatures in the book for free) Bring the kids and have some fun :)...

See the link for location info... ART STUDIO GOOGLE MAPS


See you at New York Anime Fest and Comic Con!

Just in case you missed my other posts about this, I will be in artist alley at this weekends New York Anime Fest and Comic Con. Both cons are at the same time and place and one pass gets you into both. Unfortunately, the anime fest artist alley is separate from the comic con artist alley and is downstairs with the anime events. I hope people actually come down there! I'm spending a lot of money on this trip :(

I'll have MZ2 art books for sale as well as some Battletech prints and some Transformer prints. I may or may not be doing sketches. It will depend on how busy I am.

My table number is NYAFd-7

links to con info...
Anime Fest http://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/en/NYAF/
Comic Con http://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/

These are just some of the prints I will have for sale...

Batman and Batmobile mecha by *Mecha-Master on deviantART

Battletech: Firefly by *Mecha-Master on deviantART

Optimus Prime re-design by *Mecha-Master on deviantART

See you there!!!