New Mecha Designs Part 2

Here are two more new mecha designs for you to check out. These are the medium and heavy class mechs that go with the light mech from the last post. I always try to use some common themes for mechs from the same faction as can be seen in the leg designs and layered armor.
Drawing these really made me wish I had more spare time so I could make some mechs for myself!!!!

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Anonymous said...

hmmm very nice mecha dsigns if you can design the mecha armouring why not you try and design the mecha internally like for me example as a mecha engineer/designer i start from inside of the mecha then i design the armouring though i am going to get one of my mecha built and get one of themup and running but really it a scouting mecha though i am t's just to make a mobile suit that's nearly combat ready but i just wondered if the world is just ready for these sort of machines.