Lego Power Miners Comic #1

I remember the first time I saw some prototype shots of Power Miners while I was out at LEGO taking reference photos for another job. I loved the colors and designs immediately! I was so psyched when they asked me to create some comics for them. This is the first story of 2 so far. The second story should be out in the March comic.

Images removed by me. Sorry.

The first page may be unfamiliar to anyone that only gets the free version of LEGO Club Magazine because it is a Brickmaster exclusive page. Just one more reason to pay for the full Brickmaster experience!

Images removed by me. Sorry.

My wife and I are both fascinated by crystals and minerals and we have a beautiful collection of specimens. The little rock monsters were an instant hit with me and I enjoy drawing them quite a bit. I love coloring translucent and shiny things!

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