Gleaming Scythe Mecha

I had the honor of working with Gleaming Scythe Publications over the last 2 years and managed to create quite a few mecha designs for them.

Gleaming Scythe Publications Link

I was looking around deviantART.com the other day and happened upon a mecha illustration that looked oddly familiar. I couldn't quite figure out what it was... then I suddenly realized that I had designed the mecha featured in the illustration! It turns out that the artist had been hired by Gleaming Scythe to create the illustration for an upcoming book!
Good news- the illustration looks great! Click below to see the image on deviantART where you can also check out other works by the same group of artists at Robekka Art Studio, a Chinese based illustration firm.

EXETER mech image by Robekka on deviantART.com

The actual Robekka web site seems to be down or some reason.

Oh, and here is the original Exeter front view the Robekka image is referencing...

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