LEGO Exo-Force Final Story

I got an e-mail this morning asking me where to find the last two Scholastic Exo-Force books (#6 and #7). the bad news is that the Exo-Force line of toys was canceled so those two books were never printed.

I fully illustrated book #6 and you can see several of the images in a previous blog post...

Exo-Force: The Lost Images

That was the bad news. The good news is that I just went to the Exo-Force web site to look at some of the web comics and noticed there was a new one! The new comic, #39, is my eight page comic I created well over a year ago and is the very last bit of Exo-Force art I did. This comic may have been uploaded some time ago but I rarely check their site so it is news to me. I am very pleased to see the artwork get released. Here is a link to the comic...

Exo-Force web comic: Jungle Mission

I hope this helps resolve some of the questions people have about what happened to Sensei and the rest of the team. I have no idea what was supposed to happen after this, but I am definitely curious about the secrets hidden in the jungle!

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