LEGO Clone Wars Comic... Is Coming!

Anyone watching the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series on Cartoon Network? Of course you are!!! The LEGO Clone Wars sets are awesome and I recently got to assemble the Twilight set. The Twilight is the main ship that Anakin and Ahsoka fly in the new series as they encounter different aliens and have adventures.

This set was ALL gray and was pretty hard to put together because I couldn't tell which parts were which. It took me about 5 hours to finish it. The set is large as well. Here's a pic of all the pieces before I started. Christmas cookies sold separately...

... and here is the Twilight completed.
... and here is the Twilight in a new comic that will be out in the first LEGO Club Magazine of 2009!I am really excited about this comic. I hope you like it because there's more in the works and it is shaping up to be a fun humorous adventure. This Star Wars stuff is hard to draw and the review process is meticulous so I have to make sure the designs and everything else are spot on.

Happy 2009 and may the force be with you!

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