Exo-Force: The Lost Images

Are you ready for this? Here are some images from the last Scholastic Exo-Force book. You know, the one that was canceled and never printed!!! I think this book had the most fun illustrations of all the books so I was personally upset when I heard the book was canned.

These have never been seen anywhere so I hope you like 'em. Remember, these are still copyrighted by Scholastic so you can't use them for anything!

Look out behind you!

Ow, my arm!!!

Up, up, and away...

The Golden City... Destroyed!

This book chronicled why the Exo-Force had to leave the Golden City and trek to the dangerous forest region lower on the mountain. The actual journey to the forest was covered in an 8 page comic I did for Lego Denmark. That comic has never been seen in the US as far as I know (only in parts of Europe). Hopefully I can post it sometime so you can all see what happened. A similar story ran in the Lego Club Magazine but was shorter and not as exciting.


Anonymous said...

Very awesome.
It's too bad they never printed this.
Thanks for posting it.

David White Illustration said...

Thanks Emilio. At least I got paid!

Anonymous said...

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Mary Brophy said...

Just a quick question: do you still work for Lego and do any art? If so, what books or comics?