LEGO Agents German Comic

OK, one last post for 2008. I got a message from Duke94, an Agents fan, the other day and it reminded me that I never posted this 1 1/2 page comic. I think this comic was only for the German market so all you US fans may never get to see it in print. Heck, I haven't even seen it in print! It is basically a re-hash of the first Agents comic plus a few shots of the semi truck set. I love the last panel!

You can see some of Duke94's Agents fan fiction on his blog... Sigma 6 Telebase

Images removed by me. Sorry.


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duke94 said...

Hey, I've been planning to post a comment, but hadn't gotten around to it. Thanks for the link, man! Glad you like the fanfics.
The artwork on this is great! I've got the truck, and boy, that artwork is dead on!
Does Lego send you prototypes of the sets before they come out?
I got a book in the mail on friday. Lego Space Adventures! You did great artwork for it! I hadn't heard of this book before I ordered it, you might ought to put up a post about it, so people know about it.
Anyhoo, nice stuff! Keep it coming!
Yo Joe and Duke94 out.