Tales of the TMNT #42

As stated in a previous post, I colored the cover for Tales of the TMNT #42. Penciled and inked by Dan Burger. Issue 42 came out last Wednesday and I picked up my copy this weekend.

One of the problems with being a colorist is that you never know how the piece will really look when printed. I use my Epson 1400 as a proofer and I must say that it is AWESOME! I can't recommend this printer enough. Not only is the color spot on, but the image quality is stunning and the output size is up to 13" x 19" (adjustable down to any size), which lets me make my own larger format prints, etc...

Here is a pic of all the Tales books that have some of my art in them. I am finally getting the hang of my new Sony Cybershot DSC-W80 camera- I almost took it back due to poor picture quality, but I figured out how to make your own custom setting and adjust the ISO setting so things weren't so grainy. Not sure I would recommend the camera even though the price was right. My wife has a Cannon and the picture quality is gorgeous.

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-->> ..o crap o crap o crap !!

..ok i swear 'm catchin' up on my Tales reading rigth now.. i cannot wait for all these back issues !! Thanks for the heads up !! >v<