LEGO Mars Mission Sets!

I finally made my way to a LEGO store and bought some Mars Mission sets that I will need for an upcoming project. That was back at the beginning of December, but I just managed to assemble the 3 sets this week. OK, I only assembled 1/2 of a set. The rest were put together by Sokuen. Thanks a million man!!! I'm too busy to even assemble my own toys :P

I finally got a digital camera so I'll try to post pictures of interesting things in my office from time to time. Here's a layout of all my MM toys.

I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!! I don't know if it is the design, the bright orange, the translucent parts, or everything together but it really catches my eye. I saw a listing for the next new set which transforms between a jet and a land tank. Droooooooollllllllll. The 6 wheeled mining vehicle you see above is HUGE and separates into multiple vehicles. Here are the set names and numbers...

1) 7692: MX-71 Recon Dropship
2) 7697: MT-51 Claw Tank
3) 7699: MT-101 Armored Drilling Unit

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