2008: Keep on truckin'

Hello everyone from everywhere! I seem to get visitors from all over the world, which is such an awesome thing to know that my work can be seen globally.

2008 is here and I have been reviewing my business plan from last year to update it and adapt it to the new year. 2007 was such a great year that I don't want to change too much but progress does require adaptability so I have been evaluating new equipment and tools. I recently purchased a Power MAC for this very reason! My Dell PC just couldn't handle the large files, especially the illustrations for some of the Scholastic books I have been working on. The computer was EXPENSIVE, but I am confident that it will help me excel. I have added a digital camera (can't believe I don't have one!!!) and some new furniture to the '08 plan so I can work with a little more style and class. I wish my office was a bit bigger, but the rent is right.

I recently completed a class to learn Flash and that went well. Now I am able to do some pretty cool animated web comics style stuff. I just wish I had more time to produce a nice sample to add to my web site. Maybe in a few months? I am so busy. YAY!!!

Thanks to everyone who has visited this blog and contacted me about work. I answer all e-mails so if you wrote and didn't get a response then your message probably went into my spam folder :(

Alright, I need to get back to my drawing board, which can be seen here...


Henry Ng said...

Cool setup. I gotta organize my own studio this weekend.


David White Illustration said...

Thanks Henry. I love my desk... it has a counterweighted top that you can adjust to any angle and up /down by simply pulling a tension lever. That way I can stand and draw or make it flat for cutting and assembling Lego sets!

platitudinal said...

What a great studio! Everything looks so neat and in its place, including those coke boxes (grin).