TMNT book covers

I was hired a few months ago to (digitally) paint 3 covers for some TMNT books based on the new CG Movie coming out this March.

The books are now on store shelves across the country :)

I would like to note that I only did the paintings. The layout and rough drawings were provided to me. I'm assuming they were drawn by the interior artist for each book.

The first two covers look great but I am concerned about "Mikey's Nightwatcher Scrapbook" because the colors are all whacked for the online preview pics. It looks like they inverted some of my colors... maybe to make it look more exciting? I don't know but it looks garish to me. It may be an error since I have some copies of the book and the cover looks just like I intended. I won't know for sure until I see it in a store.

Special thanks to Murph for the project- I had a lot of fun doing these!

Check 'em out at Barnes and Noble...
Leonardo Returns
The Legend of Yaotl
Mikey's Nightwatcher Scrapbook

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