New York Comic Con This Weekend!!!

I will be attending the New York Comic Con this weekend with all my pals from Mirage. I'll be selling original art and on the spot commissions as well as mecha minis (of my design) and some prints.

I'll have two 11" x 17" transformer prints. Optimus Prime, which you can see in my first blog post, and Starscream.

These two designs are my interpretations of the original toys and I tried not to be influenced too much by other artists interpretations. I did not add the autobot or decepticon logos to the designs because I want to avoid any legal issues when selling the prints. I think the odds of Someone from Hasbro stopping at my table are good simply because of the proximity to their home base in Massachusetts.

The other print will be personal favorites. It is slightly smaller at 11" x "14" but the Artifact 16, which is one of my really offers a lot of originality and engrossing detail.

It looks like my name was actually added to the artist alley list thanks to the efforts of Eric Talbot so you should be able to find me by name in the program. My fingers are crossed. Thanks Eric!

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