Man, I am totally baked from the con. Everyone in my gang worked their collective butts off doing sketches for the rabid TMNT fans. Lots of prints and original art was sold as well.

Unfortunately my camera batteries died after the 4th picture I took and I never got new batts. One guy was nice enough to mail photos of some sketches to Jim Lawson so I have one image of a sketch I did. I was doing these things FAST! This pic is of SLASH from the first cartoon series.

Thanks to all of you who dropped by and showed some support. Especially JOHN, my biggest fan ;)

The Transformer prints were a huge success.
Optimus sold out by 1:00 on Saturday and the last Starscream sold first thing on Sunday. I am currently talking with someone I met at the con to make the prints available at other cons through his service.

I still have a bunch of original art that I want to sell off so I may be doing some auctions in the near future.... depends on how busy I am.

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Scott Thomas said...

Hey Mr. White!

I just finally found your blog - believe it or not, but I would be your Slash fan... ;)