50 Fantasy Vehicles to Draw & Paint

I have 5 designs in this new book by author and artist Keith Thompson. This is the second in the series by Quarto Publishing, and I hope its not the last! (the first was 50 Robots to Draw and Paint)

There are a lot of "how to draw" books out there and I am am in quite a few of them, but this series is my favorite. Why? Simply because I think you can actually learn something from these books. Each artist was responsible for providing notes about ho
w the art was created, what the artists was thinking while creating it, or any other tips they wish to share with the reader. These tips often provide a lot of insight and are way better than the usual fluff text of similar books.

The quality bar for the art is also a lot higher than usual, at least in my opinion. Some of the
author's art seems a bit too macabre and dark for the intended audience but it is still well done. The fantasy aspect of the book as called out in the title seems secondary to the sci-fi content but I guess it really doesn't matter if you have fun with the book.

You can order the book from Amazon right now. It may be at real bookstores... I haven't checked yet. I only saw the first book in the series one time at a Waldenbooks. Here are some links...

50 Fantasy Vehicles to Draw & Paint @ Amazon.com

50 Robots to Draw and Paint @ Amazon.com

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