My art book on sale- this weekend only!

I decided to host a sale for the whole weekend. It started about 5 minutes ago :D

Also, I have listed my upcoming book, Mecha Zone 1.5 (Robots Remastered) for pre-order. You can check out the details at the link below.

:star: The sale is here... MECHA ZONE 2 SALE

- free shipping in the USA; $5.00 (1/2 off) to Canada
- Mecha Zone 2 art book
- a cool 18 x 24 poster (folded)
- a metal miniature of the robot on the poster

all for only $24.99, which is a $15 savings!

The sale is limited to 36 copies because that is how many miniatures I have.

Please pass this along!!!!!

Can anyone post this to some Battletech forums, etc...? That would be awesome. I always feel like a jerk when I do it myself.

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