My new art book in stock! Just in time for Christmas :)

Do you know someone who loves robots? Then please check out my new art book, which is full of original robot drawings and sketches. This book is great for all ages and is very durable.

96 pages of full-color robot glory in a hardbound format for only $19.99!!!!

Book details and ordering info are all available from my online store

I premiered the book at October's New York Comic Con, selling almost 70 copies to men, women, and children of all ages. It was a hit!

One happy customer recently wrote to me...
"Dear David, I recently gave your book to my grandson for his birthday. He also got a dog at the same time. He carries around the book, quoting facts about the robots inside, more than he plays with the dog! We can't believe how much he loves your book!!! (Leslie)"

Another customer said on facebook...
"Just received my Mecha Zone book pack. My kids went ape. Good thing I got Mecha Zone 1.5 *and* 2 (Eric)"

Here is my table from the NY Comic Con and Anime fest 2011

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