Only 4 days left to help with my book!!!

Hi! I am excited that my Mecha Zone 1.5 "Robots Remastered" book fundraising event will be ending this Friday. THANK YOU to the 49 friends and fans so far who have pledged to help.

Here's the project web page... http://kck.st/k6uYAE

You only have 4 days left if you are considering making a donation. It's easy to do and don't forget that you can choose from a list of rewards so you get something in return. Just $25 gets you a copy of the book and a limited edition print.

Why did I do this? My original plan was to make a 64 page book, with only 16 pages in color and the rest in black and white. The additional funding from this project has allowed me to make the whole book color and ADD 32 MORE PAGES! That's 96 pages of full-color mecha cool-ness :D

I have set a new goal of $5000, which would cover more of the printing costs. I lose some of the money because Kickstarter takes a percentage, and I have to pay taxes on it too, and it costs a lot of money to package and mail all the rewards. :( I only need $788 dollars more to meet this goal. WOW! I really am blessed to have such great friends around the world. I owe it to everyone who helped spread the word.

Please continue to forward the project link and spread the word. I appreciate everyone's help!

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Sergio said...

Your art is really cool, your style reminds me always of Macross/Robotech art.