Tales of the TMNT #42

As stated in a previous post, I colored the cover for Tales of the TMNT #42. Penciled and inked by Dan Burger. Issue 42 came out last Wednesday and I picked up my copy this weekend.

One of the problems with being a colorist is that you never know how the piece will really look when printed. I use my Epson 1400 as a proofer and I must say that it is AWESOME! I can't recommend this printer enough. Not only is the color spot on, but the image quality is stunning and the output size is up to 13" x 19" (adjustable down to any size), which lets me make my own larger format prints, etc...

Here is a pic of all the Tales books that have some of my art in them. I am finally getting the hang of my new Sony Cybershot DSC-W80 camera- I almost took it back due to poor picture quality, but I figured out how to make your own custom setting and adjust the ISO setting so things weren't so grainy. Not sure I would recommend the camera even though the price was right. My wife has a Cannon and the picture quality is gorgeous.


LEGO Mars Mission Sets!

I finally made my way to a LEGO store and bought some Mars Mission sets that I will need for an upcoming project. That was back at the beginning of December, but I just managed to assemble the 3 sets this week. OK, I only assembled 1/2 of a set. The rest were put together by Sokuen. Thanks a million man!!! I'm too busy to even assemble my own toys :P

I finally got a digital camera so I'll try to post pictures of interesting things in my office from time to time. Here's a layout of all my MM toys.

I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!! I don't know if it is the design, the bright orange, the translucent parts, or everything together but it really catches my eye. I saw a listing for the next new set which transforms between a jet and a land tank. Droooooooollllllllll. The 6 wheeled mining vehicle you see above is HUGE and separates into multiple vehicles. Here are the set names and numbers...

1) 7692: MX-71 Recon Dropship
2) 7697: MT-51 Claw Tank
3) 7699: MT-101 Armored Drilling Unit


Exo-Force comic for January 2008

Hi all. I received my January issue of Lego Magazine in the mail last week and it features the newest Exo-Force comic. The most exciting part is that the comic showcases the newest products for 2008! There are also some new Bionicle toys in the issue, but I didn't do a comic for them :(

Here is the artwork for the Exo comic sans sound effects and word balloons. You'll have to get the magazine to see the story unfold...

Images removed by me. Sorry.

You can check out the new product line at the EXO-FORCE OFFICIAL SITE.


2008: Keep on truckin'

Hello everyone from everywhere! I seem to get visitors from all over the world, which is such an awesome thing to know that my work can be seen globally.

2008 is here and I have been reviewing my business plan from last year to update it and adapt it to the new year. 2007 was such a great year that I don't want to change too much but progress does require adaptability so I have been evaluating new equipment and tools. I recently purchased a Power MAC for this very reason! My Dell PC just couldn't handle the large files, especially the illustrations for some of the Scholastic books I have been working on. The computer was EXPENSIVE, but I am confident that it will help me excel. I have added a digital camera (can't believe I don't have one!!!) and some new furniture to the '08 plan so I can work with a little more style and class. I wish my office was a bit bigger, but the rent is right.

I recently completed a class to learn Flash and that went well. Now I am able to do some pretty cool animated web comics style stuff. I just wish I had more time to produce a nice sample to add to my web site. Maybe in a few months? I am so busy. YAY!!!

Thanks to everyone who has visited this blog and contacted me about work. I answer all e-mails so if you wrote and didn't get a response then your message probably went into my spam folder :(

Alright, I need to get back to my drawing board, which can be seen here...