New York Comic Con 2008

Man am I tired!

My wife and I attended the 2008 New York Comic Con this past weekend where we enjoyed some fantastic weather and the good company of our many friends. I am terrible about taking enough photos. I only took about 25 pictures for the whole trip. I took 3 pics inside the con but they all turned out blurry and grainy so I only have a few of the entrance to showcase.

The show was at least 2X bigger than last year and it was SUPER BUSY! I am a big guy so it was hard for me to navigate the crowds. My wife had an easier time maneuvering, but she was in elbow range of a lot of people so she had to be on the defensive. She was also in armpit range and since deodorant seems to be rare at cons, that was a danger all its own!

Overall I think the show was great for comic fans, but I would have enjoyed it more if there was more anime stuff (there was plenty manga but I don't read much). Stuff like gashapon, mecha toys, and some anime art books- those are the things I like to see. We only went to the show for part of Saturday and spent the rest of our time trekking around the city on foot. Sunday was spent mostly in East Village up to the Washington Square park. We went to some cool shops such as Toy Tokyo where we finally found a good stash of gashapon and also to Forbidden Planet where they watch you like a hawk to make sure you aren't shoplifting. Image Anime is another awesome store but they were closed when we tried to go. Too bad since they are the major Mecha dealers in this part of the country!

A couple of other places visited on Saturday include the Times Square Toys-R-Us, the Hello Kitty Sanrio store, and the awesome Japanese book store, Kinokuniya. I bought a bunch of fun art supplies at Kinokuniya- I love that place!

Saturday night was fun because we had dinner with the crew from Mirage as well as our friends Peggy and Sean Wang. See Sean's site here... www.seanwang.com

And finally here are some pictures...

Outside the Javits Center

View of the city from the Javits

Inside the Javits front doorsHeading into the CHAOS!
My con badge, an original TMNT water color by Eric Talbot, and some art stuff from Kinokuniya!


JonKeith said...


Image Anime actually had a booth at the Con. Hope you were able to stop by it.

Also did you check out the Revoltech display?

David White Illustration said...

Hi Jon. I did stop at the Image booth at the con but their stock was about 1% of what they have at their store.

I did NOT even see the revoltech display this year!!! I saw it last year but I figured they didn't have one this time around. What a bummer. I would really like to see the Gurren Lagann and the Macross Zentradi pod in real life even though I already have them pre-ordered.

I hope you had a good time at the show!

JonKeith said...

I think the Zentradi pod is in this shot I took:


David White Illustration said...

Yeah Jon, you got a shot of it from the back. I'm also looking forward to the yf-19 and 21 from Macross Plus.

Too bad I didn't see you at the con. I was hoping to bump into a few people but only ended up seeing one guy that used to come to my table at the Philly con.... and he is a SCARY guy so I avoided him.

Thanks for the flickr link. I didn't see a lot of the cosplay people you got pics of. There was a great Hellboy there as well as all the Avatar people that were at the Nik booth.