A trip to LEGO, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and more!

WOW, I am just SOOOOO excited by some of the recent work that I have been doing for LEGO that I can't wait to share it with all of you. Also, I traveled down to the LEGO office yesterday to get some reference for a new job and while I was there I managed to snap a few pictures of the outside.

My AD helped me gather some of the recent magazines that have come out and between them, I have 10 pages of featured content! That is a LOT of time and effort not only on my part but also the writers and designers. It is a real team effort to create a magazine.

I was super psyched to do a 2 page Indiana Jones comic as well as a 2 page Star Wars comic!!!! Both very fun to do. There's also a new Castle comic and a very awesome 2-page Racers layout that I have as my computer wallpaper right now :)

Here are those pictures... hope you like 'em!

Now those are some BIG Lego blocks... at least 6 feet tall!!!


Guiguioh said...

Your Lego Star Wars comics look cool. Do you know if this will be in continuity in the overall universe or not?

I hope to see a readable scan some time. ;)

David White Illustration said...

Thanks G. I doubt the comic really impacts the universe in any way. It takes place between the second and third movies, I think.

I won't be posting a readable scan- that is what the magazine is for and I would get in trouble if I did post it. I will probably post a larger view of just the art though, like I have done with many of the other LEGO comics I drew.

You can easily subscribe to the magazine at Lego.com and the basic version is free. The "Brickmaster" version has some comics that the regular version does not as well as other stuff.

emilio said...

Hey David,
Those are some cool pictures.
6ft tall LEGO blocks are awesome.

The comics look great! I like that 2 page "ring of fire" pic.