Exo-Force... the end is near :(

I just read over at Brickset.com that LEGO has officially announced that Exo-Force will end after the current product line. I really liked the first line of mechs but I think the designs fell short after that. Too bad as I have enjoyed working with the product line and I was hopeful that the story and designs could be rejuvenated. Here's a clip form the announcement ... I tried to find the source but all I could find was a statement in German...

Jan Beyer, Community Development Manager, LEGO:

"Regarding the low sales of the EXO FORCE line, the decision was made to stop the line at the end of 2008. The sales were good in 2006 but in 2007 the sales did not meet the expectations and the expectation was that even an expensive marketing campaign could not get the sales to the expected level."

I also read that the last chapter book from Scholastic was canceled, but I haven't confirmed it. Too bad if it is true since I did some cool art for that last book and the story was quite entertaining. I would love to post some of that art but I realy don't think I am allowed to do so.

Here are a couple of concept images for the comic adaptation of the Stealth Hunter. These were created after the toy had been designed by Lego. I did some for each of the original line of mechs but none of the work got used since I lost the contract to do the initial comics and a much more cartoony anime style was used.


emilio said...

Those Concepts look great.

It's too bad that they ended that line, specially when you enjoyed working on it.
Hopefully you'll get to work w/them on the next line they do.

I really enjoyed the (LEGO) Mars Mission cutaway & desktop wallpaper you posted back in August, although I had just seen it since I started checking out your blog recently.

Your artwork rocks and I'll definitely be around for the ride.

David White Illustration said...

Thanks Emilio! I still do plenty of different product lines with Lego so don't worry about me. They keep me pretty busy!!!