LEGO Agents Tech Spread

I just got my new issue of LEGO Club Magazine in the mail and it featured 7 pages of my comics! Here's the original art for the LEGO Agents spread. LEGO changed the background by adding scan lines and ghosting it a bit. I think their changes work well with all the call-outs and caption boxes.

*Image removed by me. Gotta keep the LEGO images down to 3 at a time per LEGO's request.


John Bear Ross said...

What an awesome mech, David. I'll have to pick that up for the boy.
Gorgeous picture, too.


David White Illustration said...

Cool, glad you like it. Not sure when that mech comes out in stores... maybe August?

You just reminded me of something I should post your your miniatures yahoo group...

Steven Satak said...

No one does Lego like you, David. If I were to get back into Lego (my son and I played with it for years when he was five and six years old), your work would be the inspirations.

I loves toys!


David White Illustration said...

thanks Steve-O

I love toys too XD