Hot Wheels Books Available!!!!

Whew! I have been working like crazy for months and I FINALLY finished the last of 3 books for Scholastic. The final push was to complete the art for Bionicle reader #4: The Challenge of Mata Nui. You can pre-order it here...
Bionicle #4 on Amazon

I also have some great news for everyone who has contacted me about getting copies of the Hot Wheels books. I have figured out how to order the book club books so I now have extra copies of several books. I am selling them for $5.00 each plus shipping, which will be via USPS priority mail. Here's what I have available...

- Hot Wheels: Monster Trucks
- Hot Wheels: Drag Race
- Hot Wheels: Stunt Show
- Hot Wheels: Street Heat
- LEGO Exo-Force Collectors guide ($7.00)

I accept PayPal only. Please e-mail me if interested. You can get my e-mail address here (my paypal address is different and I will give it to you when I respond)...

ContactI have about 50 of each Hot Wheels book so you can order multiples for your friends and family. I only have about 10 of the Exo-Force book.


Sol said...
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Sol said...

Hey David,
I was wondering if you can show a preview of your artwork seen in The Challenge of Mata Nui. It would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks. :)

David White Illustration said...

I would like to, but I don't think I am allowed at this point. I will check with Scholastic to be sure.