LEGO Space Police are coming!!!

LEGO just uploaded a teaser site for their new space line, Space Police! Not a lot there yet but you can check out a cool stop motion teaser movie that will have you wanting more...

LEGO Space Police site...

Special thanks to Boris for the heads up! Check out his awesome blog here...

~Boris's Bricks~I grabbed this picture of the new box art from here... Brickshelf

I have known about the Space Police for a while because I created the artwork for the box backgrounds :) The pictures from Brickshelf are the newer boxes that have my art. If you see any images from the 2009 toy fair show then that is the old CG art. The old art was very similar in composition so they are a bit hard to distinguish in these small photos. I'll post better photos when I can find some. These were created using a digital painting technique instead of my normal comic style. You can see more samples on my portfolio web page

More portfolio samples at the Mecha Zone

Hope you like them!

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