TOYS! An essential part of every artists life.

Every artist I know likes toys to one degree or another. My buddy Sean and I are two of the biggest collectors I know. My toys tend to be robots (oh what a surprise!). The last four weeks has been very eventful with many of the toys I had pre-ordered finally being released. I love getting the new stuff, but man does it hurt the wallet when so many things get auto-billed to your account in such a short amount of time. Ouch!

How about some show-n-tell? I'll start with this amazingly huge Gundam. I have wanted one of these for a couple of years and just recently saw one on eBay for a price that I couldn't resist. It is HUGE- see my hand down there? My hand is pretty gigantic too! This guy measures in at 21" tall. I LOVE IT! He even has articulate arms (with extra hands you can swap) and came with a shield and gun.
Linebarrel from recent anime Linebarrels of Iron. I watched the anime and it was pretty cool. All the mechs are CG and looked better than most CG mechs (I usually hate CG stuff when it is mixed with 2D).
H.A.B. or Hyper Armored Block. A decent looking original mech design that was made into a limited edition figure. The quality of the figure isn't all that great and one of the joints was broken when I opened the package. Still cool though.
Falguen from an old anime called Dragonar. I also have the Dragonar figure. This toy is really well made with an all metal skeleton and double joints for the elbows and knees so it is super articulate!
The VF-25F from recent anime Macross F. A GREAT anime series so check it out! This is the 1/100 scale plastic version. It is fully transformable. The process is really complicated and you have to remove, then re-attach the legs. There's a better , larger version with metal parts and a cooler transformation method but it costs $250! I won't be getting that version until I win the lottery ;)
Some super deformed (SD) versions of the mechs from Macross F. How cute!
Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock. Now this is a toy! I like him better in dinosaur mode. You can see the trailer for the MP Optimus Prime in the background. The foot claws are metal... I hope they don't scratch my display case :(
Nendroid Yoko from Gurren Lagann. OK, so she's not a mech, but she is from an anime about a mech.
The only bad thing about having all these mechs is that they get dusty and they are hard to clean. I keep al the original boxes too and I'm running out of space to store them.


Anonymous said...

Grimlock rules. My wee boy is getting the Transformers Animated Grimlock for Xmas this year, and I just want take out of hiding and open it already!

David White Illustration said...

I saw that figure at Target a couple of weeks ago and had to fight the urge to get it!

duke94 said...

Me like Grimlock too! Transformer Animated is awesome!