Moving to a new studio!

I know it has been a few weeks since I posted but I have been very busy. There hasn't been a lot of news lately so I've also had trouble coming up with topics.

As the title says, I'M MOVING TO A NEW STUDIO!!!! Yes, I am very excited about it! I'll be going form 125 square feet to 500 square feet for only about $80 a month more. I should be able to start moving in next week. I'll have to clean the place up and do some basic wall painting first. I also want to go to Ikea and get some new book shelves... maybe some other stuff too. Going to Ikea is dangerous for my bank account because I get into this odd trance and want to buy everything in their enormous store. I can tell by the glazed eyes of the other shoppers that I am not the only person that gets this way ;)

Here is a layout plan of the new space. I have included all of my existing furniture in its current layout to show exactly how much more space I will have.
Check out some photos of the new space. The doorway with the green trim has been removed and the wall is all patched up.
The broken window is now fixed. Look at all the dust on the light fixtures! The space used to be part of a woodworking business. The whole business is gone but there is still plenty of sawdust.
Here's the maintenance guy for scale. Nice, high ceilings
I'm not sure what color scheme I'll use yet. I always have a hard time deciding that sort of thing. Hopefully my friends will have some suggestions.

Still need to call the phone company and get a line into the office. No cable so my only internet option is DSL. Not ideal but the studio is only 5 minutes from my house so I can drive home to upload or download really big files.

I'll post some more pics when I start working on the space.

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