LEGO Star Wars Ships!

Here's a 2 page spread I did a while ago for the LEGO club mag. I think it was only used for the European version so fans in the US may not have seen it before

Images removed by me. Sorry.

It was fun to focus on just the two ships and background compared to all the panels and elements in a normal comic. The planets are a little loose but I think they still work since they are not the focus. There were some additional elements at the bottom of the page but I removed them for this post (looks more elegant to me).

I wish I had the opportunity to do more Star Wars stuff but so far I have only done this and one other comic. Who knows what the future holds? Right now I am doing another Indy story and it is turning out very well, IMHO.


emilio said...

Wow! That looks awesome.

I'm surprised the StarWars folks haven't commissioned you for some other of their stuff.

David White Illustration said...

Thanks Emillio! I don't think the Lucas people even know I exist. They have to approve my art but my name is never on it so they can't make that connection. I've never sent them a portfolio either. I would love to do some Transformers work too! My schedule is always so bus that I never have the time (or need) to send out samples. I'm sure that will all change one day so I do keep a list desired clients in my business plan just in case.

david santos said...