Mars Mission Cutaway 2.0

Anyone remember the first Mars Mission cutaway spread I did when the product first came out? Well, I got to do a sequel of sorts for the recently published "Mars Tech 2.0" 2 page spread in the newest Lego Club Magazine.

Images removed by me. Sorry.

I really love this type of thing! I know lot of people loathe doing tech stuff but I find it irresistible. This image is a hefty 1.1 MB so dial-up users beware!

BONUS! This image actually shows the walker mode for the ETX Alien Infiltrator and the mobile mining unit. Both of those ships were removed from the printed image because the tech call-outs took up too much space. (all the ships were created on separate layers so the art director could move stuff around).

1 comment:

emilio said...

Hey David,
Awesome pic.
I can't believe people loathe doing drawings like that.
I only wish I could draw tech as well. Till then, I'll just keep practicing.