Back from NYC

I went to NYC for a couple of days for a little business and to do some sightseeing. Of course I went to Kinokuniya because no trip to the city would be complete otherwise. I didn't get to go to Image Anime though :(

Here's a pic of my spoils! A couple of mecha books and a bunch of Japanese brush pens. I currently use the blue one closest to the books but I wanted to try out some of the others to see if there's anything better. Don't know when I'll have time to actually use them 'cause I'm super busy as usual. There were 3 other books I REALLY wanted but I had already ordered them from Otaku.com or J-List (I forget which) so now I just have to await their arrival.
Monday's post about the Mars Mission book was set up last week using the Blogger scheduler. I love that feature.

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emilio said...

Cool loot.
only been to NYC a couple of times.
My friends there aren't into the type of art that I am, but now I know of (at least) 2 new places(shops) to stop (look for) the next time I'm up that way.
Specially now that I'm getting into actually drawing(or trying to), instead of just looking.