3D printing my own mecha toys!

I got a 3D printer! I've had it for a couple of months now and have been working like a mad-man to make some original mecha toys! Here's a picture of my first batch >:D


Frog God said...

Any plans for a Book 3?

Frog God said...

Any plans for a Humanoid robot book?
-data (startrek)
-cylons (battlestar gallactica)
-cyberman (doctor who)
-cyborge (DC,teen titans)
-I. Robot
-Bicentennial Man

David White Illustration said...

hi Frog God, I do hope to make a Mecha Zone 3 book some day. I have a folder full of new stuff, but it isn't quite enough for a whole book yet. I'm not really into humanoids and cyborg stuff so I probably won't make anything like robocop or terminator.