Battletech Commissions Part 3

These are the last two mechs I did for the Battletech fan created TRO project. I had a lot of fun with it and really look forward to seeing the completed project. The author has a blog... check it out! The Battletech Reader

Griffin 5S
based on this design... Old Griffins
Thunderbolt (Diesel engine!)
Based on this design... Old Thunderbolt


Michael Dooney said...

nice inks on these. are you using a digital stroke on the outlines around the figures or something to get that smoothness?

David White Illustration said...

I did "something" to it after I inked it... I used the same technique on my last Hot Wheels book and it looks SHARP!

John Bear Ross said...

Gorgeous renderings of the classic designs, David, with your own distinct touch laid upon them.


Nathaniel Wallis said...

That ain't bad.Good job!

God bless!
Nathaniel Wallis

Steven Satak said...


Thanks for keeping tabs on the TRO progress. I appreciate the offer, but as noted on my blog reply, it's image density, not errant pixels, that are the problem with those two images.

Thanks anyway, buddy!