LEGO Exo-Force Wallpaper: Humans!

Here's another Exo-Force wallpaper made using art from the Scholastic Exo-Force Collector's Guide. Note that the Sensei image (central character) is an alternate version not used in the book. I like the second version (used in the book) better since it looks more like the character should, but I thought it would be cool to show you something you haven't seen before. The background scenery was done by another artist but unfortunately I don't know who.
1600 x 1200


star said...

Hello, I'm the mother of Lego Mars Mission obsessed 4 year old. I was doing a search for cool images and came across your stunning wallpapers that you have available for free.

I was wondering if there was a way that I could obtain permission from you to blow them up at Costco to make a poster collage? What would this entail?

You really should have Lego turn them into T-Shirts and posters. I bet they would sell.

David White Illustration said...

Hi. I think your idea is cool, but I don't have the authority to give you that permission. I don't know how strict Costco is about copyrights but if you are making the posters for your home and not to to sell then they may let you do it. I doubt they would look very good blown up so large though.

I often suggest that Lego makes posters of my stuff but it hasn't happened yet. Maybe I'm not suggesting loud enough!