May LEGO Indiana Jones comic!

Hi! This 3 page comic just came out in the May-June Lego Club Magazine. It looks like Lego is branding the magazine in a slightly different way starting this issue with the addition of "Club" as the dominant title graphic instead of "Magazine.

I just got my subscription issue in the mail today and was looking at the list of upcoming sets for the Brickmaster edition... I think I am going to pay for the subscription so I can get those sets! At least 2 of them will be Star Wars!!! I already missed the Indiana Jones jeep and that bums me out a bit.

I was really disappointed when I saw that the magazine designer added arrows to my comic to show the panel flow, but he assured me that it was for the best since the younger kids were having trouble following the action. I guess I'll have to keep that in mind on my future comics and try to make the panels progress in a simpler fashion...
Did you notice the hidden Star Wars imagery in the comics? Better look again ;)

Images removed by me. Sorry.

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