Scholastic Hot Wheels Readers!!!

WOW! I finally got sample books for some of my more recent Scholastic work. I haven't mentioned doing the Hot Wheels books here on the blog because I didn't have anything to show for it. I haven't been able to find any info about the books on the web, probably because you can only get the books through Scholastic's school program. The cars on the covers were illustrated by Hot Wheels/Mattel - I don't know exactly who did them, but they look awesome.
Readers 2 and 3 were done in cooperation with another Illustrator, Ed Wisinski, so the art isn't 100% my style. They still look good though ;) Reader 3 is 100% in Ed's style- he had already done some of the finals so I had to mimic his style. I don't know why he didn't finish the book- I wasn't given any details and I didn't ask.

Here are the titles and ISBN numbers if you want to look them up...

  • Hot Wheels reader #1 Start Your Engines
    • 978-0-545-02017-6
  • Hot Wheels reader #2 To the Extreme
    • 978-0-545-02019-0
  • Hot Wheels reader #3 Off-Roading
    • 978-0-545-02018-3
  • Hot Wheels reader #4 Street Heat
    • 978-0-545-02020-6
These books are 6" x 9" and 30 pages long so they were a lot of work. Here are a couple of pics...

Interior art for reader #1
Interior art for reader #4


emilio said...

Hey David-
That's really cool.

I couldn't find the books even using the ISBN #, but I'll keep trying. I even searched Scholastic's site.
I think it would be nice to get them and give them to my friend's son. He just started reading and tries to read everything you put in front of him.

David White Illustration said...

Yes, that's the same problem I had- couldn't find ANYTHING about the books. If your friend's son lives in the US and goes to a public school, then maybe he can get them through the school library. I dunno-

Zheik-One said...

Hi Dave,

I believe the Hot Wheels Readers are all "Club-Only" titles, which means you can only order them through Troll books or Scholastic's Club programs. I'd check Troll books or Scholastic's websites for the details on this.