LEGO Exo-Force December comic

I haven't had much real news to post lately so I thought I would just post some recent work. This is a 4 page comic I created for the December issue of LEGO magazine. I think it also got printed in Nickelodeon Magazine, but I never got to see it. Overall this is one of my favorite Exo-Force comics so far. I recently did a 2 page comic for LEGO's new Mars product line and that was a lot of fun! I'll post those pages once they have printed.

Sorry there's no text on these pages, but the action is pretty self explanatory. The printed version I have of this comic is in German so it wouldn't do me much good to scan it ;)

Images removed by me. Sorry.


Tom Kidd said...

Great pages Dave. I like your Black Book ad as well. The character sketches at the bottom are the perfect touch. I realize I have a link to your website but not your blog. I'll fix that.

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