1st Year Anniversary

This week marks the 1 year anniversary of my freelance illustration business. It has been a long year full of twists and turns but most importantly it has been a really GREAT year!

I wish I could put into words exactly how thankful I am of A.C. Farley for his important role in my (thus far) successful freelance career. Craig introduced me to LEGO almost 2 years ago and it was LEGO that really helped get me going. LEGO continues to be a great source of creative work, inspiration, and friendship- they are a truly superb group of creative people!!!

All of my friends from the old gaming studio, Cyberlore, as well as my buddies from Mirage have also made profound contributions to my career and well being. THANKS EVERYONE!
Here is a desktop wallpaper to celebrate the occasion. This is a female paladin, or holy warrior, that I made for an upcoming "how to draw" book by my college pal Bryan Baugh. Hope you like it :)

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